Red meat 'linked to breast cancer'

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Red meat ‘linked to breast cancer’
ITN - Wednesday, April 4

Red meat can greatly increase the risk of breast cancer, according to a report.

The study found post-menopausal women who eat large amounts a day could be 64 per cent more likely to suffer the disease.

There is also an increased chance in younger females who have small amounts of beef, pork or lamb daily.

The study, led by Professor Janet Cade of the University of Leeds, involved studying the diets of 35,000 women aged between 35 and 69 for eight years.

The research states: “Women, both pre and post-menopausal, who consumed the most meat had the highest risk of breast cancer.

“Women generally consuming most total meat, red and processed meat were at the highest increased risk compared with non-meat consumers.”

The women completed 217-item food questionnaires and were divided into three groups depending on whether they were low, medium or high meat-eaters.

They were compared with women in the study who were vegetarian and researchers also took into account smoking, weight, fruit and vegetable intake, education, age and use of hormone replacement therapy.

Prof Cade said: “The findings are robust. Whatever we adjusted the data for we could find an association.

“Really these results could apply to all women. At home I have cut down on the amount of red meat we eat as a family a week.”

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Unfortunately Professor Cade concludes the above statement by saying: “I am not suggesting that everyone should become a vegetarian, that would be unrealistic, but the findings were strong and I think we should pay attention to them.”

Why not professor ? Studies have shown that going vegetarian can greatly reduce the risk of getting cancer in the first place.

Back in January there was another press release from Leeds University and from another study Prof Cade was doing. In this one there was a study in which women ate more fibre and the results shown that the risk of breast cancer is nearly cut in half.
The Prof says in the report: “…It goes along with the general healthy eating advice to make sure that you are getting plenty of fibre in your diet through breakfast cereals, bread, pasta, fruit and vegetables.”

No bacon in there as well Professor ? You say that people shouldn’t go veggie, but as this report says bacon can cause lung disease.

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