School goes green as the grey bins go into action

Via the Daily Post:

School goes green as the grey bins go into action
Apr 10 2007
by Liam Murphy, Liverpool Daily Post

A LEADING Wirral school has joined with the local council to improve recycling collections.

New grey bins have been delivered to match every regular bin at St Anselm’s College to encourage students to recycle everything they can.

The school is leading the way with innovative ideas to help the environment and reduce the amount of waste.

David Green, director of technical services in Wirral said: “St Anselm’s was chosen to pilot the paper and packaging collection due to their forward thinking in many areas of environment protection.

“We were also very impressed that it’s the students that are pushing for the recycling, not just the teachers. It’s essential that we think about schools as well as households in Wirral in order to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and recycle as much as possible.”

Students from the Roman Catholic Grammar School for boys in Birkenhead created an eco-group, the self-named “Plastic Scousers”.

This group has taken on the task of getting all students to use the grey bins recycling plastic bottles, cans and tins, card and glass by holding assemblies for all students.

The paper has already been collected out of every classroom and recycled for some time.

Andy Rumsby, deputy headmaster, said; “When I joined the college in September there was some recycling happening but the systems were not in place for it to be expanded.

“It took very little to spark the boys into action and the whole initiative is now being driven by our Eco Committee.”

The school also recycles mobile phones, ink cartridges, CDs. Another student group called “Organic Youth” cares and attends to the school’s new vegetable garden with a composter recycling kitchen waste.

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