'Slavery' behind Easter chocolate

Found on Good Friday, posted on Easter Monday.

Via the Beeb:

Slavery’ behind Easter chocolate

Thousands of children are working as slave labour on West African cocoa farms to help produce Easter chocolate for the UK, campaigners have warned.

The International Labour Organisation says 12,000 children have been trafficked to the Ivory Coast.

A coalition of anti-slavery charities says they work long hours for no pay and little food on the plantations.

British chocolate manufacturers said a certification scheme was being set up to tackle “unacceptable” conditions.

‘Background of poverty’

The coalition, called Stop the Traffik, wants the manufacturers to declare chocolate “traffik-free” so consumers can be sure they are not supporting child slave labour.

Stop the Traffik’s chairman Steve Chalke said: “These youngsters come from a background of poverty, and are even knowingly sold by their parents sometimes.

“Often what will happen is the parents are starving, they’re poor, they have nothing and somebody comes along and says ‘I’ll take your son, he’ll work on my farm and I’ll give you some money’.

“They think ‘We’ll get money so we can eat and our son gets a job’. They don’t know what he’s going to is a living hell.”

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