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… that have nothing to do with vegetarianism, veganism, the environment, human or animal rights, but worth a read because of their weirdness:

Six years’ jail for crook who made escape in high-visibility jacket .. on a fork-lift truck
Apr 26 2007
by Sarah Chapman, Liverpool Echo

A DIM-WITTED thief was caught by police making his getaway from a robbery – on a forklift truck.

Christopher Croston was stopped as he made a slow dash for freedom from the Rolls Royce complex in Bootle.

And the bungling robber was not difficult to spot – he was wearing a high visibility jacket.

Croston, 24, of Chester Avenue, Netherton, was jailed for six and a half years after Liverpool crown court heard he returned to the scene of the crime weeks later for a follow-up robbery.

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Woman fined for leaving someone else’s litter
Apr 26 2007
by Michelle Fiddler, Liverpool Echo

A 75-YEAR-OLD grandmother is facing a criminal record after failing to pick up litter she had not even dropped.

Bridget Molyneux, a mother-of-three and grandmother-of-five, was walking close to her home in Anfield when she spotted what she thought was a loose £5 note.

But when she bent down to pick it up, Mrs Molyneux realised it was an old till receipt and left it lying on the ground.

She was then approached by a street warden who gave her a £75 fine for littering.

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S*x dolls for dogs! ‘Nuff said.
2007-04-19 07:11:36 EST

Investors take note: the world seems a bit depressed today, and the free market will inevitably respond with the cure, which in this case seems to be a prototype sex doll for dogs. Well, for male dogs, anyway. I don’t know precisely why this potential technology will cheer the world, but if some lonely dogs are able to get some, things can’t be that bad, right?

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Woooof !

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