The Friday Distraction

John Lydon on Judge Judy. It happened:

30 years since the Sex Pistols… scary thought. Glad to see that they are not going to try another reunion this year.

So what are they all doing now ?

Sid is still dead. Actually if he had lived he would have been 50 years old yesterday. Nah I know. He wouldn’t have. I’ve seen kids walking round with his image on their t-shirts. But they have no clue as to who he was and what he did. Same thing has happened with Kurt Cobain. A manic depressive drug user is idolised. Sad.

Johnny Rotten aka John Lydon will be on the telly soon. Info from his website: “John has contributed an interview to the forthcoming BBC2 series ‘7 Ages Of Rock’; due to start Saturday, May 19th at 9pm. John will be appearing in episode 3 which looks at punk, and of course, the Sex Pistols.” » Link

Steve Jones now resides in Los Angeles and does a daily radio show on Indie 103.1 FM There are some photographs of what he looks like now. Scary. You can listen live online to the show, which is on from 12 noon (8pm UK time) .

Paul Cook is living the family life in London and does session work for Edwyn Collins, plus he plays the drums in a side project from Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen. The band is called Man-Raze.

And for their notorious manager McLaren…? Well looking at his website not much. His Wikipedia entry says that he was one of the producers for the film adaptation of Fast Food Nation.

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