Beaten out by Cardiff

The veggies are strong in Liverpool, but just not to beat the Welsh capital for the most.

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Cardiff is Britain’s vegetarian capital
May 25 2007
by Rin Simpson, Western Mail

CARDIFF has the highest percentage of vegetarians in the UK, says a survey.

Along with people from Glasgow, Liverpool and Plymouth, the Welsh capital can claim that 13% of its population does not eat meat at all, compared to the UK national average of 10%.

And more than half of Cardiff’s residents say they don’t eat meat or fish for almost three-quarters of all meals.

Altogether 13% of people from Cardiff eat less meat now than they did five years ago, according to a survey of 1,000 people undertaken on behalf of the Linda McCartney Vegetarian range. { Which are being relaunched in the UK. This is obviously a promotion for it.}

The most common reason for choosing the vegetarian option was expense, with over a third of people in Cardiff thinking of their wallets rather than their stomachs.

A view of Cardiff

The study also showed that 52% of Brits eat meat or fish less than twice a week, the equivalent of 104 days of the year.

According to the company, this means 31 million Brits are “accidental vegetarians” – eating the vegetarian way most of the time, and often without being aware of it.

Only 10% who chose not to eat meat every day, said they did so for health reasons, suggesting that taste and quality of food are more important issues.

A total of 29% of respondents said they chose to cook without meat because they claimed it was quicker and easier and fitted in with today’s busy lifestyles.

“Meat and two veg was still very much a part of people’s everyday lives when Linda first launched her range of vegetarian ready meals more than 15 years ago. It’s really interesting to see how times have changed,” said a McCartney spokesman.

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Nice one Cardiff. We are not bitter. Honest.
There is a Yahoo Group for the area where you can taut congratulate them:

Additional: Just found via the Guardian and I’m actually very surprised to read this: Newcastle is UK fake goods capital.

Err.. I beg to differ… I know it’s nothing to boast about but after Athens and the above Cardiff story we seem to be on a losing streak ! Gotta win something…

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