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Ramsey Taunts Victoria Beckham Over Lamb

Celebrity chef GORDON RAMSAY has taunted pal VICTORIA BECKHAM over the lambs she is looking after on her English estate – vowing to make her a pair of knickers from their wool when he kills them. Beckham was recently horrified to discover the creatures that Ramsay had asked her to lamb-sit were intended to be slaughtered and eaten on the next season of the chef’s TV show The F Word. She and animal rights campaigners PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) appealed to him to save the lambs. But Ramsay insists he can win the former Spice Girl over: “As long as I make Victoria a nice pair of lambswool knickers to keep her warm for the winter I think she’ll be fine, don’t you?”

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We should eat horse meat, says Ramsay
By David Harrison, Sunday Telegraph
Last Updated: 11:51pm BST 05/05/2007

Gordon Ramsay is to shatter the last taboo of English cuisine by urging the public to eat horse meat.

The controversial chef claims horse meat is tasty and nutritious and should be part of the British diet.

But his call for horses, long revered as farm and racing animals, to be turned into dinner has sparked revulsion among horse lovers, animal welfare campaigners and vegetarians. Even hardened meat eaters and fellow chefs said it was a dish too far.

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