Family’s cash aid for zoo is a tribute to teenager

Via the Daily Post:

Family’s cash aid for zoo is a tribute to teenager
May 7 2007
by Caroline Innes, Liverpool Daily Post

THE family and friends of an animal-loving teenager who was killed in a car accident have pledged to support Chester Zoo’s orang-utans in his memory.

Sixteen-year-old Christleton High School pupil Dominic Arnold and friend Tristan Cook were killed in a car accident near Broxton in December last year.Dominic on the left, Tristan on the right

Dominic, a musician, artist and juggler, was committed to animal welfare and was a strict vegetarian.

Inspired by his love of conservation, his family and friends have raised £3,500 for the zoo as a fitting tribute to his life.

The money will be split between the zoo’s in-house conservation work and orang-utan projects in the field.

The donation comes just weeks before the zoo opens its new Realm of the Red Ape exhibit – a £3m home for orang-utans which is the biggest of its kind in Europe.

Dominic’s stepfather, Damian Murphy, said: “Dominic was a wonderful and caring young man who was extremely popular and who touched the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to know him.

“Dominic was also a good skier who planned to become a ski instructor and who also wanted to learn to dive.

“We chose to support Chester Zoo because of its connection with conservation projects in the field and particularly its association with orang-utans.

“We know Dominic would approve and his memory will always live on, not least now through the conservation of orang-utans at Chester Zoo and in the wild.

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» IcCheshireOnline has a tribute page for Dominic and Tristan, which you can sign.

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