Freshfields Missing Dogs – Found !

Update on the news last week about the bumbling police raid on Freshfields Animal Rescue where two dog escape. They have been found – or rather – they found themselves.

Email sent to the Merseyside Animal Rights mailing list:

Hi everyone some good news at last! Freshfields have got their 2 dogs back which went missing last week when the cops let them out! Pedro came back on Sunday night after following a child home and Kane wandered into a primary school today. So after a week of worry all the staff can sleep tonight!

RELATED: Just found a feature article by the Echo’s Jade Wright about Freshfields. She talks to Dave Callendar about the raid and all the equipment the police took, plus about the animals and the work that the Rescue Center does.
Excerpt from the piece:

As controversy over a police raid at Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre continues Jade Wright asks why it was a target.

DAVE Callender sits in the cattery tending to the kittens, while a steady stream of volunteers and well-wishers brings in computer equipment and offers of help.

It has been a busy week since police swooped at the Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre as part of an international investigation into animal rights extremism, and staff and volunteers are still working to put their office back together.

“The police have taken all of our computers, our server, the photocopier, fax machine, everything,” says manager Dave, with a weary sigh. “Even the phones. I don’t know what they can trace from a landline phone, but they took them all anyway.

“People have been so generous – they’ve donated their own computers and phones to keep us going. Ever since it happened we’ve had people knocking at the door offering whatever help they can. Bit by bit we’re getting back on our feet.”

» Full article

Freshfields Animal Rescue

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