Freshfields missing dogs

Follow up to the police raid on Freshfields animal rescue

Via the Merseyside Animal Rights mailing list:

Freshfields has 2 dogs missing thanks to the incompetent cops. There are posters of the dogs on
If people can leaflet their areas it would be great (dogs can travel fast so it doesn’t matter where you live!)
One is a ginger and white neutered male cross collie, very friendly, has collar and tags on (although this could have come off) and is microchipped.
The other dog is a german shepherd crossed with akita, he has unusual colours, grey, tan, white, also a neut male with collar, tags and microchipped, he is nervous.

Details of the two dogs:


» Link


» Link

5th May update: Still missing. The Echo has picked up the story

10th May update: They’ve been found !

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