Mars Products No Longer Veggie – An Update

That info I posted on April 30th about Mars products are no longer veggie friendly, has the most visits and lots more comments. Plus the news has gained national attention.

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Mars starts using animal products
Some of the UK’s best-selling chocolate bars, such as Mars and Twix, will no longer be suitable for vegetarians.

Also affecting brands such as Snickers and Maltesers, owner Masterfoods said it had started to use animal product rennet to make its chocolate products.

Masterfoods said the change was due to it switching the sourcing of its ingredients and the admission was a “principled decision” on its part.

The Vegetarian Society said the company’s move was “incomprehensible”.

Masterfoods said it had started using rennet from 1 May and non-affected products had a “best before date” up to 1 October.

Rennet, a chemical sourced from calves’ stomachs, is used in the production of whey.

It will now also be found in Bounty, Minstrels and Milky Way products, and the ice cream versions of all Masterfoods’ bars.

“If the customer is an extremely strict vegetarian, then we are sorry the products are no longer suitable, but a less strict vegetarian should enjoy our chocolate,” said Paul Goalby, corporate affairs manager for Masterfoods.

The Vegetarian Society said it was “extremely disappointed”.

“At a time when more and more consumers are concerned about the provenance of their food, Masterfoods’ decision to use non-vegetarian whey is a backward step,” it said in a statement.

“Mars products are very popular with young people and many will be shocked to discover that their manufacture now relies on the extraction of rennet from the stomach lining of young calves,” it added.

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REMINDER – there a list of all the affected products on the April 30th post

Some comments from ScouseVeg viewers to the news:

Katie sez »

My problem. I can’t return them as I’ve already eaten them.
The packet of Maltesers I ate on Saturday night have the best before date of 7/10/07.
I can’t believe that such a big company can deceive the public in this way.

Jade sez »

I think this is disgusting!!!!! my favourite chocolate is galaxy and now I can’t eat it because some idiots want to use animals….it is perfectly alright without animal in!

Darryl sez »

With society becoming more health conscious I think it’s short sighted and poor business sense not to have a vegan option for your products. I do not buy dairy. I will not buy your products any longer.

Becky sez »

I think it’s appalling that a company as vast as Masterfoods has decided to do this! I love chocolate but I can’t and won’t be eating their products any more!

Safi has gone one further and has set up a petition to sign.

You can find it at:

2 thoughts on “Mars Products No Longer Veggie – An Update

  • 14th May 2007 at 4:28 pm

    I’ve just been writing about this on my own blog, where you will also find the customer services phone number and an email address to write to. I urge everyone to call and email, and blog about this until the company reverses the decision, stops production containing animal rennet, and recalls all tainted chocolate goods from the supply chain.

    I intend to write and phone every day until this decision is reversed. And I will gladly advertise the petition you give the link to above. Thank you. x

  • 14th May 2007 at 10:38 pm

    I think its disgusting!, all my favourite choclates are banned, i guess theres going to be a huge loss in profits now!, being a muslim i cant eat products containing meat unless its halaal!


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