Masterfoods – You Fecked Up

Now with rennet !

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So Masterfoods are saying: “Forget about Muslims (about 1.6 Million of them.) Screw all the vegetarians, (who, looking at the figures, are on the rise.) Don’t worry about the Jewish population (estimated at 275,000), or other sects and religions who cannot eat anything with animal by-products in them, we’ll sell them to everybody else.”

Looking at the amount of hits the website got yesterday when the national media covered the story, and by reading all the posted comments, it is clear that this move by Masterfoods is the most unpopular thing they’ve done. (Trust me, they’ve done other bad things, but this is the worst.)
Fiona Dawson – MD of Masterfoods. You have one helluvaamess to clear up.

And you can start by stopping the inclusion of rennet in the making of your products.

I’m sure that there will be a PR firm hired by Masterfoods, or even somebody Googling the company name there will have found all the search results, which do not make good reading.
One sentence which will make you change your decision: Your sales will drop. Big time.

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5 thoughts on “Masterfoods – You Fecked Up

  • 16th May 2007 at 7:16 am

    who honestly gives a stuff about religion.

    This is food and it should be safe, clean and nutritious, not religiously-aware. Maybe mars bars arent actually that good for you regardless of whether they have rennet or animal gelatine in them or not?

    This company can do what it likes under the laws of the land in which it manufactures and sells its products.

    Personally, (mars bars and other confectionery aside) I boycott all halal meat and anything that refers to halal or kosher certified killing. Halal killing is animal cruelty and should be illegal in a civilised society. Eating meat is utterly civilised – its how our teeth are designed as omnivores after all – you just dont have to torture the animal to do it. And to torture them in the name of “religion” is a pathetic reason.

    Presumably “halal” rennet is also taken from tortured animals.

    Arguing like you do above that just because there are a huge number of deranged people in the world who like to torture animals as they kill them, some unrelated food company should take notice of them is illogical and wrong.

    Either the killing method is wrong or not and offending people’s religious sensitivities has nothing to do with it. You can face mecca all you like while you kill an animal but halal is still torture.

  • 21st January 2008 at 5:25 pm

    to the person who thinks halal food is created by “torturing” animals…..
    USE UR BRAIN, u people like to first shock or paralyse ur animals and then u like to kill them. don’t u realise that when u shock them, they are still alive and can feel all the pain and u say the animals that are being cut in a halal way r being tortured?! scientifically proven that when the jugular is cut then the animals feel no pain and this is the way that kosher and halal meat is cut. so take a look at urself and then u will see who the torturer is!

  • 10th October 2008 at 7:30 pm

    aj: are you daft? How can you assume that cutting ones throat is painless? It would hurt like hell. Its a knife, CLEAVING INTO YOUR GODDAMN JUGULAR.

    and then you lie there with a gaping, painful neck wound, and bleed to death.

    The alternate method: a single blow to the head. done. Instant.


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