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An update on where you can find rennet-free choccy bars: I didn’t realise this before but thanks to all the comment and mails there are hundreds of alternatives !
Because of the size and the power of a big company like Masterfoods, you only see their products on the shelves (Cadbury too), but if you look some more there are many better alternatives to the conglomerates products out there.

Jane, co-founder of the ScouseVeg social group (& the website) works at the Vegetarian Society so is an authority on the matter. She mailed me with this »

Hi all,

I can imagine that there are a few disappointed people out there when they heard the news that Mar Bars and other Masterfood’s confectionary is no longer suitable for vegetarians.

If you want to be sure that what you are purchasing is 100% vegetarian then check out The Vegetarian Society’s Searchable product database located on Not only will you find chocolate listed but there is also a whole host of other products from wine to skincare, which all carry the Vegetarian Trademark.

I can personally recommend the delicious Organica chocolate range and the Vegan Golden Coconut and Dark Chocolate bar from a company called Venture Foods.


(You will find these following companies/products when you visit and search, but I want to give every suggested product an equal mention.)

Chocoholic posted a comment asking:

“How about Green and Blacks and Montezuma’s?”

Good suggestions:

Green & Black’s » Founded in 1991 Craig and Jo Sams. They are a fair trade company who produce organic chocolate suitable for vegetarians.

Montezuma’s » Another husband and wife team – Helen and Simon Pattinson, founded Montezuma’s in 2000 hand making their organic chocolate with one little machine and one shop in Brighton.

One more I found myself where you can buy products from both above companies: » which if you click on that link there it lists chocolate bars with a note to tell you if they are suitable for vegetarians AND vegans.

» ScouseVeg – Masterfoods/Mars coverage

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