National Vegetarian Week – Take Part

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With all that over coverage I nearly forgot about this…

Veggies Taste BetterI’ve just looked at all the events taking place on Merseyside and the Wirral and I have to say I am disappointed with yers…

IN LIVERPOOL: St Michael in the Hamlet Primary School are planning a veggie theme day during the Week when the whole school will have the opportunity to try a vegetarian meal.

ON THE WIRRAL: Three pubs will display National Vegetarian Week material… that’s it. Just display ? I suppose it’s better than nowt though…
A couple of schools will be taking a more active look at vegetarianism, good for them.

But I still have to ask – Is that it ? Is that all you can do Liverpool ?
Maybe some places haven’t notified the Veg Soc about events, action they are taking for next week (May 21st – 27th – mark it down), then if so leave a comment here.
If you know of any places taking part – let me know.

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Whilst I’m here a shout out to a website across the water…no not Birkenhead !

WannaVeg is an American site which does what we does – posts news about anything of interest to Veggie’s and veggie related. They’ve added one of the National Vegetarian Week corner banners I created and posted a mention about the Week on their place. Please pay them a visit:

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