Police Animal Rights Raids – Some Charges Brought

After the raids the other week (which included a raid on Freshfields Animal Rescue, where the police wouldn’t allow access to the animals for up to 9 hours, plus two dogs escaped, later found ) – some people down south have been charged »

Seven in court over animal rights

Seven people have appeared in court over blackmail charges following police raids on an alleged network of animal rights extremists.

They appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court, charged with conspiracy to blackmail.

They were given conditional bail to appear at Portsmouth Crown Court on 21 May for a preliminary hearing.

The raids on 1 May targeted 30 properties across the UK as well as in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Police said the raids were part of Operation Achilles, a two-year investigation into an alleged conspiracy targeting a variety of organisations and individuals, including Huntingdon Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire.

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