Rolling Stones concert to be moved

– Update on a passing mention the other week about some horses being sedated so the band could play.

There has been a change in venue so this will not happen now.
Via Yahoo News »

BELGRADE, Serbia – A planned Rolling Stones concert in Belgrade will not take place at the city’s racetrack to avoid upsetting hundreds of horses stabled nearby.

The July 14 concert will now take place in a vast public park in the Serbian capital, Raka Maric of Music Star Productions said Wednesday.

The decision was made after animal-rights activists protested that the noisy concert would distress the horses.

Officials of the Hippodrome racecourse said last month that some of the finest — and skittish — gallopers among the few hundred horses might be given tranquilizers when the Stones unleashed their stadium-rocking decibels.

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