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(I would imagine they would be green, of course, with a print patten of different leaves.)

Via the Echo:

These dogs were left starving for two weeks

May 19 2007
by Luke Traynor, Liverpool Echo

A MOTHER and her son have been prosecuted for leaving their two pet dogs without food for up to two weeks.

Carole Williamson, 36, and son Andrew, 19, admitted causing German shepherd dog Sheba and terrier Suzie unnecessary suffering.

RSPCA inspectors swooped at their home in Newton-le-Willows last August and found the unhappy animals in the back yard.

They were badly undernourished with their ribs clearly showing and displaying clear signs of starvation.

The Williamsons, of Acorn Street, were banned from owning an animal for three years by St Helens magistrates.

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Via the Daily Post:

Four regional MPs ‘shame democracy’
May 19 2007
Liverpool Daily Post

FOUR of the region’s MPs were accused of shaming democracy yesterday after helping to force through a Bill to exempt Parliament from the Freedom of Information Act.

Angela Eagle (Wallasey), Maria Eagle (Garston), Mike Hall (Weaver Vale) and David Watts (St Helens North) were among 98 MPs who voted to prevent MPs opening up their files.

Critics of the legislation – who also accused its supporters of hypocrisy – were left clinging to the hope that it will be blocked in the House of Lords.

Some suspect the target of the Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill is to prevent full details of MPs’ allowances and expenses claims from being released.

The Commons authorities fought an unsuccessful two-year battle to allow MPs to claim a “bulk” travel sum, instead of having to reveal whether it was for car mileage, or train travel for example.

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