Vegetarian Chocolate Alternatives

After the decision by Masterfoods/Mars to use rennet in their products, you will by now be boycotting them and looking to buy chocolate that does not use this in their production.

The good news is that some Cadbury products are safe. They don’t use rennet in their manufacture. You can look up for yourself to find out which exact products are vegetarian or vegan.

Plamil you might have seen around and you should give them a try. They have a big range of dairy free chocolate.

Thanks to Ummah Foods for adding a comment and alerting me to their products:
Ummah Caramel and Ummah Orange Chocolates are Halal, suitable for vegetarians and community focused!! The full list of Tesco, Asda and Morrisons stocking Ummah Caramel and Ummah Orange at :

The Vegan Family website has a section with links to websites that sell chocolate online. Our favourite from there is the (slightly more expensive) luxury chocs from Hotel Chocolat

What do you recommend ?

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