Animal cruelty cases in the news

Via the Metro:

Cruel thugs attack kitten
Wednesday, June 20, 2007
The injured catThe RSPCA released footage of a kitten being hurled down a stairway after a teenager was sentenced for cruelty.

The video clip shows the thugs laughing at the cat in the incident in Stoke.

Richard Freeman, 18, was sentenced to 200 hours community work and a 12- month supervision order by magistrates in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Six people in total have been charged. The eight-week-old kitten, which was also shot in the eye, has found a new home.

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Via the RSPCA website:

Horse drowns at Appleby

The RSPCA is investigating after a horse drowned in the River Eden at the Appleby Horse Fair.

The incident happened on Friday, 8 June, the second day of the annual event, which runs until Wednesday, 13 June.

Shocking incident

“The horse was pulled out of the river but unfortunately it was too late,” said RSPCA Chief Inspector Brian Jeffries, who is at the fair in Cumbria. “It is a shocking incident and we are extremely disappointed that it happened.

“Those responsible for the horse have not yet come forward, but we are working with the Appleby Fair community and Cumbria Constabulary to track them down.”

Minimising suffering

Around 25,000 visitors flock to the village to watch Romany, Gypsy and travelling communities wash horses and race them in front of prospective buyers. About 1,500 horses are bought and sold there.

A 12-strong team of RSPCA inspectors is working with Eden District Council and the police to minimise suffering and promote animal welfare at the event, which is the first to take place since the Animal Welfare Act 2006 became law.

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Via Norwich Evening News24:

Surge in animal cruelty cases in Norfolk

nimal cruelty cases in Norfolk are on the rise, leading to calls from the government to take tougher action on those who mistreat their pets.

The RSPCA say they have seen a worrying increase in cases of animal cruelty in East Anglia during the first six months of the year.

For instance between January and May 2007 the charity investigated 1,338 cases of dogs being at risk, compared with 1,204 the previous year.

The figures come despite new animal welfare laws, which were brought in earlier this year specifically to tackle animal cruelty.

The Animal Welfare Bill, introduced in March, brought in a new welfare offence giving animal enforcers such as the RSPCA and local councils more powers to seize pets if they believe they have been neglected instead of having to build up a dossier of evidence.

However, Norfolk’s animal welfare workers fear the laws have not yet had the positive impact it was hoped they would.

Both Keith Hall, who runs the Hallswood Animal Sanctuary, in Stratton Strawless and George Rockingham, of PACT, near Hingham, said their sanctuaries were full, due in part to an increase in pets being cruelly treated.

Mr Rockingham said: “It is no longer the case that Britain is a nation of animal lovers. What we are seeing more and more is people trying to extend this disposable culture to their animals.

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