Animal Cruelty In Liverpool and Devon

The first one here in Liverpool:

‘Yobs throw’ dog into Mersey

Jun 6 2007
by Ben Rossington, Liverpool Echo

CRUEL yobs are believed to have thrown an injured dog into the Mersey.

A rescue operation was launched this morning after the rottweiler was spotted by a member of the public.

It was seen just before 6.30am struggling in the water near the old wooden landing stage at Princes Parade.

The marine fire and rescue vessel was sent to pick it up but the animal got on to a wooden beam.

Rescuers used ropes and pulleys to try to lift the animal to safety.

The RSPCA was called because it was initially thought the dog might be a stray. But as it was clearly injured with a suspected broken leg, it is now thought it was dumped in the water deliberately.

An animal ambulance was waiting to take the dog away for treatment.

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Next one from Devon:

Feathers fly as screaming peacocks die

· Zoo birds culled after complaints about noise
· Horrified locals side with animal rights activists

Steven Morris
Wednesday June 6, 2007
The Guardian

Some residents called it parade time. A group of preening peacocks would strut up the middle of Harbourne Avenue, drawing admiring stares and bringing traffic to a halt. Half an hour later, the birds would saunter back to their home in Paignton zoo.

But not yesterday. To the horror of many local people, the concern of animal activists and the despair of zookeepers, seven male peacocks were culled by the zoo after one neighbour complained that the spectacular birds were a noisy nuisance.

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