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Bob Barker

You might have not seen or heard about him, but you should.

Bob Barker is the host of the original American version of the Price Is Right (airs every weekday on daytime TV) and has presented it for 35 years. Bob has actually been on television for over 50 years. At the end of every show he signs off by saying: “Help control the pet population; have your pet spayed or neutered” . Plus on every show they stop to highlight a dog brought from the local animal shelter who needs a home.

Bob became a vegetarian in 1979 and is an animal rights activist, who along with his partner Nancy Burnet have marched and took part in many animal rights protests.

On the 15th of June Bob will retire from hosting the Price Is Right (he is 83 years old now) but I’m sure he’ll continue with caring for the animals.

An excerpt from his Wikipedia entry:

… Bob Barker is well known for his work in animal rights. He became a vegetarian in 1979. That same year, he began promoting animal rights. Barker began ending each episode of The Price Is Right with the phrase: “Help control the pet population; have your pet spayed or neutered” in 1981 and was named national spokesman for “Be Kind to Animals Week” in May of that year. On A&E’s Biography program, Bob credited his wife, Dorothy Jo, with him becoming more aware of animal rights and becoming a vegetarian because she had done so. Bob said that Dorothy Jo was ahead of her time in terms of animal rights. Bob took up animal rights in order to keep doing something that his recently deceased wife had done. Fellow game show hosts Jack Barry and Bert Convy eventually followed Barker’s lead in promoting animal rights on the air.

During the first ten years of The Price Is Right, fur coats were often featured as prizes. After Barker became involved in animal rights, he insisted that the show not offer prizes that harmed animals, a demand to which CBS agreed; animals and fur coats have not since been offered on the program. Barker also forbids the re-airing of older episodes in which fur coats and live animals are offered.

Barker hosted the Miss USA/Universe Pageants from 1967 to 1987. In 1987, he requested the removal of fur prizes and stepped down as host when those in charge of the pageant refused.

Bob Barker’s DJ&T Foundation has contributed millions of dollars to fund animal rescue and park facilities all over the country. He works closely with Betty White as an advocate for animal rights.

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And finally a segment on YouTube that was made for where Bob talks about his compassion for animals and objection to wearing fur:

Thank you Bob for what you do.

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