Bristol Vegan Fayre Notices

A couple of press releases to push next weekend’s (June 9th&10th) Bristol Vegan Fayre:

Vegan Willy Wonka Warns of Vegan Diet Dangers Prior to Presenting an Environmental Award at World’s Biggest Vegan Fayre

A leading UK dairy free organic chocolate manufacturer has gone mental – environmental. Plamil foods factory in Folkestone is now run on 100% sustainable energy sources. The latest research from Chicago University, a UN report and a leaked secret document from the UK government all suggest a vegan diet is the best for the planet. Adrian Ling Plamil Foods MD says “The food industry needs to realise the dangers of a vegan diet rising in popularity. Food manufacturers now have to watch quality control on many different new levels if they want to keep a competitive edge”

London, UK (PRWEB) June 4, 2007 — Vegan Willy Wonka Adrian Ling from Plamil Foods has issued a warning to the organic and health food industry about the dangers of Vegan diets, just days before he is due to present an Environment award at the world’s biggest vegan festival at The Bristol Vegan Fayre on the 9th and 10th June.

“The organic and health food industry needs to realise the dangers of a vegan diet rising in popularity. Food manufacturers now have to watch quality control on many different new levels if they want to keep a competitive edge,” Ling warns. “Just using organic ingredients is no longer enough to ensure customer brand loyalty,” he adds

Plamil Foods organic health foods factory in Folkestone, UK has gone the extra mile. Plamil have recently converted their energy supply to a 100% sustainable source of electricity, so not only are the ingredients used kinder to the environment, even the power used to make the products is more environmentally friendly.

Ling, the MD of the organic vegan chocolate and mayonnaise manufacturer says, “At Plamil not only do you find products that are healthier for people they are healthier for the planet too! Our dairy free organic chocolate bars and organic egg free mayonnaises are produced using 100% sustainably sourced energy.”

Plamil Foods have uncovered mounting evidence that vegetarian and vegan diets are as good for the planet as they are for your health. Ling says, “Recent research claims that plant based vegan diets are the most sustainable. Consumers are being advised that if they want to be kind to the environment and help prevent global warming they should eat the dietary equivalent of a lean, energy mean hybrid car, not an obese 4×4 monster SUV Chelsea Tractor cum king size Mars Bar or quarter pounder.”

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Another one:

Cookery Demo for ‘Excusitarians’ by Pirate of The Carob Bean at Bristol Vegan Fayre on the 9th & 10th of June – Perfect for Ethical Shoppers of Last Minute Holidays

A Vegan Pirate will be cooking up dishes at the Bristol Vegan Fayre on the 9th and 10th June aimed at helping ‘Excusitarians’ prevent global warming. It promises to be the perfect solution for ethically minded shoppers looking for a last minute holidays or short break holiday bargains. In addition to live bands, ethical fashion shows, a Bedouin tent, a health zone, vegan caviar, vegan kebabs, vegan BBQs, vegan milkshakes, vegan ice cream, vegan chocolate, vegan omega 3 fish oil alternative, vegan shoes, vegan cosmetics and up to 20,000 visitors , Cap’n Long John Tofu of the Pirates of the Carob Bean will be revealing the secrets of orgasmic chocolate mousse.

London, UK (PRWEB) June 4, 2007 — The list of special diets just gets longer and longer – Vegans, Fruitarians, Freegans, Flexitarians, the latest label is ‘Excusitarians’ coined by Vegan Pirate of The Carob Bean, Cap’n Long John Tofu. Tofu is on a mission to remove the excuses and “vegdumacate” people about pirate copies of food that make veganism both enjoyable and Healthy.

With new reports from Chicago University and The United Nations claiming a link between factory farming and global warming there are already many Vegans (no animal products used), Fruitarians (only eat raw fruit and veg), the windfall vegans (only fruit that has been discarded by the trees – no root vegetables), Freegans (freeloading vegans who raid supermarket rubbish bins for food that’s been thrown away), Flexitarians ( they eat whatever they feels right at the time – vegan Buddhists) . The latest addition to this (far from exhaustive) list is ‘Excusitarians’.

Excusitarians is the new term coined by Vegan Pirate Cap’n Long John Tofu of The Vegan pirates of The Pirates of the Carob Bean ( . Tofu is booked to appear to talk and cook at a Vegan Festival in Bristol, Bristol Vegan fayre ( ) on the 9th and 10th of June and plans to target ‘excusitarians’.

The Vegan Pirate uses the word ‘Excusitarian’ to categorise all the ex vegetarians and vegans who come up with a whole host of excuses about why it’s impossible for them personally to stay vegan and why they need meat.

“I wouldn’t be mindin’ if they just be admittin’ that they couldn’t be bothered any more, that they be giving up caring about animal welfare, the effects o’ intensively reared animals on the environment and the wastin’ o’ resources but they don’t. Instead I be told ‘some people just can’t be vegetarian’, ‘some people need meat’ and ‘sometimes it just doesn’t feel right to be vegan’ – they should know better!” rants the pirate.

Tofu admits a few people do get unwell on vegan diets, but claims It’s not because of veganism, it’s because they don’t eat a balanced vegan diet. Not because they have some rare digestive ‘dreaded lurgy’ style disease but because it doesn’t occur to them to follow simple diet, nutrition and health rules that everyone needs to be abiding by if they want to remain an optimally fit and healthy human.

A recently republished Hamlyn plant based recipe cookbook called ‘vegan’ has a handy list of all the nutrients you need for optimum health and their vegan sources and claims there are no essential nutrients you cannot get on a vegan diet. Co author, London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop says “A vegan diet doesn’t exempt you from the basic laws of human nutrition but there are plant based solutions for all essential nutrients humans need”

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Any ScouseVegan’s going to Bristol ? Take some pics and givvus a shout when you get back.

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