Cadbury guilty over salmonella scare

People are going to think that we are obsessed with chocolate

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Cadbury guilty over salmonella scare
Friday, June 15, 2007

Chocolate giant Cadbury today pleaded guilty to hygiene charges relating to a salmonella scare last summer.

More than 1million chocolate bars had to be recalled when news of a possible health risk emerged.

Now the firm has admitted three offences under food and hygiene regulations.

The chocolate was recalled last July 23 after a contamination blamed on a leaking pipe at its factory in Marlbrook, Herefordshire.

The company’s barrister, Anthony Scrivener QC, entered the guilty pleas during a ten-minute hearing before Birmingham magistrates this morning, following a prosecution brought by Birmingham City Council.

Mr Scrivener told the court that although certain facts in the case were still in dispute, Cadbury accepted its responsibility and was pleading guilty to the charges.

He added: “They have already spent £20 million on improvements.”

The summons issued to Cadbury alleged that the company put “unsafe” contaminated chocolates on the market between January 19 and March 10 last year.

The other charges accused Cadbury of failing to immediately inform the relevant authorities about potential dangers and failing to identify “hazards” posed by the salmonella contamination.

The facts of the case were not opened at today’s hearing and Cadbury will be sentenced for the offences at Birmingham Crown Court on July 13.

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3 thoughts on “Cadbury guilty over salmonella scare

  • 25th August 2009 at 9:23 am

    salmonella is a very dangerous and deadly bacteria. foods that are contaminated with it should be disposed immediately.

  • 26th September 2009 at 2:11 am

    Samlonella poisoning is very deadly. governments should impose tighter regulations with regards to food inspection.

  • 29th September 2009 at 2:40 am

    in our place some vegetables have been contaminated with Salmonella. the local health office have been able to react quickly and have those contaminated vegetables taken off immediately from the shelves. at least 20 people have suffered from Salmonella here.


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