Some websites that may or may not be of interest to you:

> Allotments
No wait. Come back. Hear me out.
Allotments are in decline these days. More and more of them are disappearing with land being redeveloped and turned into another new estate. We should make sure that some are preserved and remember that during World War 2 this is where our parents and grandparents got some of their food from.

Deborah James of the Liverpool Daily Post has got in contact to lettuce.. *ducks the flying objects*… know that she has started a new blog about them:
» Down the Allotment

> Fur Free Liverpool
Which does as it says on the tin. It is a website that raises awareness about the wearing of fur, where in Liverpool it is still being sold and what action you can take to protest. (The Cricket demo every Saturday is one such event.) Find out more at:

There was another site I was going to give a shout out to, but can’t find the link now… If I do I’ll update this post.

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