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Healthy pizza… You could argue the case against pizza being a healthy food but I suppose it is better kids to eat this rather than hanging round that McD place and stuffing burgers down themselves.

Via the Daily Post:

Have your pizza and eat it – and still stay healthy

Jun 14 2007
by David Higgerson, Liverpool Daily Post

AS FOODS to be demonised as “junk” go, the pizza has received more than its fair share of critcisim from healthy eating campaigners.

But youngsters at one Southport school have been taught that it is possible to combine the popular Italian export with healthy eating – thanks to chefs at one of Liverpool’s best-known restaurants.

The class from Kings Meadow Primary School in Woodvale are from one of 12 schools which the eateries owned by Paul Heathcote have taken under their wing as part of a national Adopt a School initative for chefs.

They spent time yesterday at the Olive Press in Castle Street discussing nutrition and health with chefs before making their own pizzas – learning at the same time that it is possible to have tasty food which is healthy.

As cookery lessons go, it could not be any further than the traditional flour fights behind the teacher’s back while cooking up uninspiring sausage rolls and apple crumbles.

Which, said Mr Heathcote, is exactly the point.

He said: “It is really important for us to be involved in the Adopt a School initiative.

“We have a responsibility to encourage and inspire children at this age and also demonstrate what a great career option the catering industry can be.

“Cooking is such a vital skill in an age when young people are often brought up to rely on processed and unhealthy food. They learn skills in the kitchen which can never be taken away from them.”

The Academy of Culinary Arts launched the Adopt a School initiative in 1993. The scheme aims to develop an essential understanding of taste by showing children where food comes from and the processes by which raw materials are transformed into food.

Currently, one in seven Merseyside schoolchildren leave primary school classed as obese, with many more overweight.

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