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Another story update about all that Mars debacle. The final word on this from the chaps over at »

Mars have released a listing of products which have been confirmed as Suitable For Vegetarians – Including the “Best Before” dates of each product. Any product with a date equal to or later than those displayed will be Veggie.


They have also taken the decision to phase out all non-vegetarian products – so that “in the near future” -all- products will be Vegetarian. They are also considering adopting the VegSoc logo, and becoming VegSoc certified – which will be a first for any MAJOR confectioner. The only product i know of that is would be “Giant Flyers”

See our website: for more information and links.

So some very good came from their very bad decision. I would still say for now to avoid any of their products until we are sure they are all suitable for veggies.

EDIT – Last Minute Update:

Just as I was posting this I received an email from Andrew. He contacted Masterfoods with some questions and their reply below:

…”Thank you for taking the time to contact us. As you know our consumer feedback is very important to us so your comments are very much appreciated.

Our consumer care website ( contains accurate listings of products which are suitable for vegetarians. Please use the best before dates on pack and refer to the website for confirmation of suitability.

I am sorry for any confusion caused in regards to the vegetarian suitability of our products. Masterfoods have always provided an up-to-date list of vegetarian suitable products for our consumers. Unfortunately, Celebrations and Bounty have never been included on this list, as they are manufactured on the continent and our suppliers there cannot guarantee that the whey they source is vegetarian suitable.

The same also applies to our Twix products, unless they were manufactured in the UK, in which case they were suitable for vegetarians. The batch code on the product wrapping would have contained a ‘U’ if it was manufactured in the UK. This was clearly stated on our vegetarian suitable list. All Twix products are now manufactured on the continent, so unfortunately cannot be classed as vegetarian suitable.

Please accept my apologies for any confusion caused. A list of vegetarian suitable products can be found at , along with a series of FAQs that should answer any further queries you may have.

Many consumers have requested we consider labelling our products with ‘suitable for vegetarians’. I can assure you that we are exploring the best ways of providing clarity on which of our products are suitable for vegetarians including labelling. Keep an eye out on our website for information about this…. “

As I said, still best to avoid any of it right now.

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Hey did you know that The Undertones sang about Mars Bars ?
An unpaid endorsement of a product. Not very punk was it.

Have a read of the lyrics, which has mentions of other choccy bars, a supermarket, as well as a couple of famous name checks, plus for extra points they even throw in the old advertising slogan: Work, rest and play.

For your listening pleasure »


But it wasn’t just chocolate, they liked that and girls too.


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