No not that crappy U.S. crime show on ITV. (“Hey I can solve this kidnapping case by using trigonometry !”) but a break from the usual stuff to bring you some user submissions to Digg. The subjects are all different, the only connection to each of them are numbers:

» 39 Ways to Live, and Not Merely Exist
9. Turn off the TV. How many hours will we waste away in front of the boob tube? How many hours do we have to live? Do the math, then unplug the TV. Only plug it back in when you have a DVD of a movie you love. Otherwise, keep it off and find other stuff to do.

– OR –
» 33 Ways to Watch Free TV Online
The future of media is the Internet, and television is no exception. Instead of browsing through the channels with your remote, you could be browsing through the free online TV providers on your computer – hell, if you like, you can watch them all at once (in really tiny windows). It’s time to reach out and see how much free online TV we can find.

» 31 Different Ways To Lace Shoes
Bow tie, Double Helix, Lattice, Zipper, Checkerboard, Hidden knot, Loop back, and more…
I hear you... this bloke needs to get a life !

» The 5 most overpaid CEOs in America
Ford Motors has paid chief executives William Ford Jr. and Alan Mulally, who took over as CEO last September, $46.8 million over the past five years. Mulally got $19.5 million last year just for signing on. Ford stock declined 41% in the five years up to the end of last year.

» 34 Uses for That Can of Soda, Other Than Quenching Thirst
The chemical soup that makes up most commercial soft drinks not only makes them taste good and quench thirst, but also make them effective cleaning agents, bolt looseners, paint strippers, and possible skin softeners.

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