Pammy Celebrates Green 40th

It’s the summer and news items of interest become few and far between.
So it’s a bit of sleb news part 2 to fill in some content:

Via ContactMusic:

PAMELA ANDERSON has celebrated her 40th birthday in vegan style, claiming “40 is the new 20”.

The former BAYWATCH babe celebrated her milestone birthday with her vegetarian friends in a swanky veggie Florida restaurant, with top names from the eco-friendly world around her.

Pammy, who has two children, was joined by Ingrid Newkirk, president of animal rights group Peta, who was also celebrating her birthday. The vegetarian restaurant, which is owned by animal rights activist Nancy Alexander, laid on a green spread for the two.

However, Pammy’s birthday is not actually until July 1st, but she used the moment to help further her campaign for animal rights and green living, even having a vegetarian cake and candles.

Pammy has been increasing turning eco-friendly over recent years, with a photoshoot in nothing but a bikini made of lettuce and a nude shoot for an anti-fur campaign two of her most recent efforts.

And the stunning actress-come-model claimed she does not mind using her body to help the causes she believes in. ”I’ll do anything,” she said.

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