Power… From The Mersey

Via the Daily Post:

Mersey could power all city homes
Jun 14 2007
by Vicky Anderson, Liverpool Daily Post

THE River Mersey could provide enough power to supply every home in the city of Liverpool, a new report will reveal today.

Up to 260,000 homes, well beyond the city’s 220,000, could benefit from the harnessing of tidal energy and see the river become home to “one of the biggest and most significant renewable energy projects in Britain”.

Measures that could include a giant waterwheel, tidal barrage, or turbines in the estuary are being considered by energy experts to be put in place in the next decade.

The River Mersey is one of the top sites for tidal renew-able energy in the UK, and the report identifies a number of long-term options to make the most of that power.

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Related – also from the Post:

Mersey tidal power
Jun 15 2007
by Vicky Anderson, Liverpool Daily Post

THE organisations that have developed plans to harness the tidal power of the Mersey for renewable energy say they hope a planning submission will be ready by 2010 and the technology in place by 2020.

The Mersey Basin Campaign held its Mersey Estuary Forum yesterday and presented its plans to delegates.

Several options have been devised by energy experts from Peel Holdings, the MBC and and the North West Development Agency.

The Daily Post reported yesterday that harnessing the power of the Mersey tides could provide the electricity for 260,000 homes – enough for the whole of Liverpool’s 220,000 and more.

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