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Via the Echo:

Help out on course
Jun 28 2007
by Adrian Butler, Liverpool Echo

LIVERPOOL University wants volunteers to help run healthy eating courses.

The members of the public, who must have good communications skills, will be trained.

They will then run courses teaching people to eat healthily to help beat heart disease.

Volunteers will come out of the six-month programme with references and certificates.

For more information email or call 07982 209 361.

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The annual running of the nudes is soon. A Scouser will be among them:

Paul is feeling bullish about the human race
Jun 27 2007 by Mary Murtagh, Liverpool Echo

A LIVERPOOL man is hoping to expose animal cruelty in Spain by stripping off.

Paul McDonald, 23, from Vauxhall, will join an estimated 600 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals supporters who will run naked through the streets of Pamplona two days before the city’s annual running of the bulls.

The sixth annual human race is on Friday, July 5.

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Also via the Echo:

City store to sell greener motor fuel
Jun 27 2007 by Mike Hornby, Liverpool Echo

A LIVERPOOL petrol station will be one of the first in the UK to supply bioethanol motor fuel.

It will be sold at the new Morrisons in Speke for around 2p per litre cheaper than normal petrol.

The fuel, which is unlike traditional fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel, does not significantly raise atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and greenhouse gases.

It can be used by flexi-fuel motor cars such as some models of Saab, Lexus, Ford and Volvo.

Drivers are urged to seek professional advice if they are unsure about which fuel to use. The new store on Speke Boulevard opens on Monday.

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Yet another via the Echo:

Calderstones’ tropical plants could be on move . . . . to Calderstones!
Jun 28 2007 by Nick Coligan, Liverpool Echo

LIVERPOOL’S 200-year-old tropical plant collection could make a return to a city park.

Officials are examining fresh proposals to move the mothballed attraction to Calderstones Park, after a plan was scrapped last year.

But this time, they are not looking to build a multi-million pound, futuristic set of biodomes to house the botanic collection, currently stored in rundown greenhouses in Garston.

Instead, they are considering refurbishing and expanding the existing glasshouse at Calderstones Park so the unique set of plants can go back on public display.

The proposal is still at a very early stage, but is already starting to win political support at Liverpool council.

A committee of councillors set up to investigate the future of the city’s parks is leading calls for cash to be made available for the scheme.

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