The Secret Campaign To Deny Global Warming

“oops.. a little bit of politics there…”

An article in Rolling Stone magazine that comes via Think Progress about how Cheney bypassed ‘clueless Bush’ (the word ‘clueless’ is always associated with him now isn’t it ?) and pushed forward with a secret campaign to deny global warming:

Cheney Bypassed Environmentally ‘Clueless’ Bush To Craft Administration’s Climate Change Agenda

In a comprehensive report this week, Rolling Stone magazine investigates the Bush administration’s “secret campaign to deny global warming.” The article documents the administration’s repeated attempts to use “cooked intelligence,” stay beholden to big industry interests, and stifle internal dissent on climate change.

The report highlights Dick Cheney’s surreptitious role in developing Bush’s pro-industry climate agenda, arguing Cheney took “full advantage of the president’s cluelessness” on climate change. Rolling Stone argues Bush played along with Cheney’s arm-twisting, which culminated most recently in his decision to bypass the G8 climate resolution.

» Think Progress post

» Rolling Stone article

Oh and also this week he decided that he was above the law.

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