Niki on the Telly again !

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Channel 4 repeated the Liverpool week of Come Dine With Me on Sunday [Previous coverage here] and as a result the website got load of hits, comments and emails for Lidipool’s most famous ScouseVegan.

Excepts from some of the comments and mails:

Alex wrote...
“Just wanted to say a big thanks, this web site is great…after being a veggie for 15 years I’ve decided to go all the way and be a vegan…thanks..”

Rosemary wrote...
“Loved Nicky on the CDWM programme yesterday – I was so pleased that the vegan message is now out there …. Love to know if the chap who wanted to give up dairy actually did – he seemed a like an ideal candidate for conversion!! Well done!”

Dan wrote...
“I’d just like to say well done on that prog Come Dine With Me, I watched today.
I cook veggie food (some of which is vegan too) and I thoroughly enjoy the challenge, and I’m glad that your menu was a no holds barred approach to vegan food and most enjoyed it. I cook veggie for the meat eating populous and they enjoy the food, and afterwards, I’d say no meat there!
I’m glad I saw the prog and found this site, i hope that i can contribute some recipes once i get the time to write them down.”

Excellent Dan. Please send them to us. We welcome all contributions.

» If you are one of the few people who still hasn’t seen the show, get yerself over to ScouseVeg TeeVee

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