EU bans dog and cat fur trade

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EU Douses Cat and Dog Fur Trade
By JAN SLIVA 06.19.07, 11:48 AM ET

Trade in products containing cat or dog fur will be banned in the European Union, following public calls to outlaw a practice many people consider unethical and animal rights advocates call barbaric.

European Parliament lawmakers overwhelmingly approved the ban, which has to be approved by national governments and would come into force from 2009.

The European Commission says cat and dog fur can be found in some clothing, personal accessories and soft toys being sold on the European market, either falsely labeled as another kind of fur or hidden within the product.

But it said that due to the secretive nature of the trade it was hard to quantify the amount of cat and dog fur entering the EU market and that there was no official data.

Fifteen EU member states already have legislation on the trade in cat and dog fur, with laws varying from a ban on rearing cats and dogs for their fur, to a ban on the imports and labelling requirements.

Campaigners have claimed millions of animals are bred for their fur – mostly in China and other Asian nations. Animal rights group Humane Society International said in 2005 it uncovered dog and cat fur production that had taken place in the Czech Republic – a member of the EU since 2004.

The society estimates around 2 million cats and dogs are killed for fur each year, with an estimated 5,400 cats and dogs killed in China each day.

Under the ban, sale of cat and dog fur in the 27-nation bloc will be allowed for educational purposes or taxidermy, and under strict conditions.

“The EU is taking an important step towards ending the cruel and brutal way in which these animals are slaughtered for their fur. It is high time that a ban on the trade in cat and dog fur was introduced in the EU, with other countries, like the U.S. and Australia, having had bans in place for a number of years,” said Green deputy Heide Ruehle.

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Strange thing about this story… Care For The Wild International reported the news about the ban in November 2006 » Link to article
So has it taken the EU politicians this long to put the ban in to law ? Shocking.

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