Demo outside the Cricket shop Saturday

(If you have some spare time. Please go and show your support)

Merseyside Animal Rights will be staging their regular Saturday protest against the fur selling Cricket Shop in the Cavern Walks. This Saturday (July 14th) will be a larger one.

If you’ve just joined us – a quick background about the demonstration and what will be happening on Saturday »

In February 2006, Liverpool ‘fashion store’ Cricket told the Liverpool Echo that, following protests, it would no longer include real animal fur in it’s collection. This Winter, Cricket went back on it’s word, stocking Coyote, Mink, Fox and raccoon fur.

Mink Fox and raccoon are reared on factory farms in conditions which lead them to go mad, self-mutilate and attack cage mates. Coyotes are caught in barbaric leghold traps, banned in dozens of countries worldwide.

Local campaigners have been picketing the shop since November (and receiving lots of harassment from the local police as a result) Cricket will not enter into dialogue with the protesters and insist they will continue to sell real fur.

On Saturday the 14th of July we are calling for a national day of action. We will demonstrating outside the shop in costume from 1pm onwards (the shop is on Matthew Street and is the only one in the country) please join us if you can, alternatively, if you would like contact Cricket directly to register your protest about their stocking of Coyote, Mink Fox and raccoon fur, you can reach them at:

10 Cavern Walks, Mathew Street, L2 6RE
Tel: 0151 227 4645

Or use the “Contact Us’ form on

Please ask them to adopt a fur free policy like so many other shops around the city. Cricket is one of only a handful of shops still prepared to sell fur in Liverpool. We are campaigning for a Fur Free Liverpool by 2008 (when Liverpool is the European Capital of Culture).
See site still partially under construction.

(text altered slightly. We don’t want the legals onto us !)

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