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Vegan retailer snaps up PETA Award

The online vegan retail company Ethical Wares has been given an award by PETA Europe for setting high standards in the growing market for Animal-Friendly Products.

Ethical Wares based in Ceredigion in Wales, has been given the PETA award in recognition of the company’s outstanding commitment to providing online shoppers with a stylish range of vegan clothes and accessories. Ethical Wares has been named the “Best Cruelty-Free Online Vendor” in PETA Europe’s second annual Proggy Awards. Ethical Wares will receive a framed award and will be featured on “Proggy” stands for “progress” and the Proggy Awards recognise animal-friendly achievements in commerce and culture.

Ethical Wares is a mail-order company run by vegans and a company whose trade does not exploit animals, humans or the environment. The company actively promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle. Making it easy for consumers to eat, dress and decorate without any animal ingredients, Ethical Wares’ products include footwear, jewellery, bags and many other goods.

“Ethical Wares is the one-stop shop for the compassionate consumer”, says PETA’s Sarah Dickinson. “The company’s success in offering high-quality leather-free shoes and accessories and a huge selection of vegan goodies proves that compassion for animals is only a click away.”

More than 25 Proggy Awards have been given out this year, and the winners include a tour operator, a city council, and independent producers and marketers of vegan foods and cruelty-free personal care products.

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Jack from PETA contacted us with a follow-up to a previous news item we published:

Subject: Pamela Anderson to Pose Naked on PETA/Stella McCartney Second Life Island!

“…there are some exciting new developments, including a live appearance by Pamela Anderson, who will be posing naked for a photo op on July 17th. From now until July 29th, the island will feature roller skate, bicycle and rowboat rentals and a topiary maze where you can get massages and check out Stella McCartney’s cruelty-free CARE skin care line. In addition to Pamela Anderson’s appearance, there will be a whole array of new events, including anti-fur protests, games, and a screening of Paul McCartney’s new video “Dance Tonight.” You can get the full details at, including a schedule of the events.”

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Pamela Anderson gets (virtually) naked. Yet again…
Don’t those geeks look at enough pron already ?

I’m sorry but I applaud PETA’s efforts to spread the word using new platforms, but does Pammy really need to get naked again…? Alright I can see how it attracts publicity and extra visits, but obviously the only reason they are visiting is for that and how many of them will actually take notice of the message you are trying to get across ?

Come on ScouseVeggie’s, stop lurking and post your thoughts about this:

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