Why rock won't save the planet

An op ed by George Marshall in Thursday’s Guardian:

“…Live Earth will undoubtedly create a buzz and interest around climate change. But I do not believe it will produce significant change because it fundamentally misunderstands the challenge. The reason we are not doing enough about climate change is not because we don’t know about it, or that it is not hip, or that we don’t care. The problem is that we are locked into patterns of collective denial and have adopted a wide range of strategies to avoid accepting personal responsibility.

We argue that the primary responsibility for the problem always lies with someone else – Uncle Sid, or rich people, or, increasingly, the Chinese. Or, as some cynical columnists will say, it is those jet-setting hypocrites on stage at concerts such as Live Earth. And many people don’t blame anyone; they are just waiting for someone else to sort it out….”

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