Yobs’ barbed wire attacks on horses

Via the Echo:

Yobs’ barbed wire attacks on horses
Jul 11 2007 by Mike Hornby, Liverpool Echo

A GANG of thugs tied barbed wire around the legs of a young horse.

Another horse had wire wrapped around its tail in the sickening attack in Huyton on Monday night.

It was the latests in a series of cruel incidents involving the animals which are stabled in fields on Tarbock Road.

Now the owner of the breeding business fears one of them may be killed and is thinking of closing the business for good.

John Davey said: “The depths these thugs will plunge to has no bounds. What kind of person gets a kick out of torturing harmless animals? It beggars belief.”

Mr Davey breeds horses for flat racing and has three, Eternal Optimist, Brave Optimist and Foolish Optimist, in competition.

He is keeping them away from Merseyside until their safety can be secured.

He said: “It is a shame because I employ several people and I will have to axe those jobs if I leave Merseyside.

“But I don’t want to do that, I just want to make a living and I love living on Merseyside.”

Previous vandal attacks on the site have seen horses attacked with weapons and, last year, three geese were stabbed.

On another occasion youths in a stolen vehicle drove on to the field and chased the horses around before setting fire to the car.

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