Animal Welfare Act is expected to bring down cruelty figures

Additional to yesterday’s post – A local view on the lower amount of animal cruelty cases.
Article via the Daily Post:

Animal Welfare Act is expected to bring down cruelty figures
Aug 1 2007 by Alan Weston, Liverpool Daily Post

A LIVERPOOL couple who failed to seek treatment for their flea-ravaged dog was among the shocking cases of animal cruelty discovered by RSPCA inspectors.

Neglect was once again the most common form of cruelty revealed by the latest RSPCA statistics, released today.

Nationally, the figures for 2006 revealed a 10.5% increase in animal cruelty investigations. In the North-west region, a total of 221 convictions for cruelty and 118 convictions of causing unnecessary suffering to animals were secured.

One of the cases highlighted was of a couple from Liverpool who failed to seek veterinary treatment for their four-year-old dog, despite it being covered in sores and scratching off 50% of its hair due to a flea allergy.

James Riley, 43, and Jill Riley, 41, of Dingle Road, pleaded guilty to failing to provide adequate treatment for Benji, a male cross-breed, when they appeared before Liverpool Magistrates’ Court in December, 2006.

The court heard how RSPCA inspectors found Benji emaciated, covered in scabs and continuously scratching due to a chronic flea condition. He had lost around 50% of his hair and the tips of his ears had been torn through scratching.

Both James and Jill Riley were each disqualified from keeping animals for five years.

Benji was taken to the RSPCA Halewood Animal Centre and has since been re-homed.

RSPCA inspector Claire Cain said: “It’s appalling this dog was denied vital treatment when he was clearly in so much pain.” However, the RSPCA reported that the new Animal Welfare Act, which came into force in the spring, was starting to have a significant impact.

This allows inspectors to intervene earlier, helping more animals before they start to suffer.

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