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[A repost which will be repeated every Saturday until they stop selling fur]

March 31st Update: Hey here's something - Look at the search results when you type in Cricket shop Liverpool

April 21st Update: Previous coverage here

May 21st Update: Protestor arrested at the Cricket demo

June 16th Update: Visit the campaign website:
Fur Free Liverpool

Demo outside the Cricket shopWe like locally owned and operated businesses. We try to support them by shopping there and recommending them to our friends. But what we don’t like is when they sell fur.

In the Cavern Walks is a clothes shop called Cricket who stock the latest fashions (some of the WAG’s have been seen in there), but they also have furs, such as coyote, mink, fox and raccoon.

To get their fur some of these animals are farmed and skinned alive…

Cricket shop in Liverpool Nearly all the retailers has seen sense now and do not sell fur anymore. Fashion wise, wearing fur these days is very unpopular. But there are still some shops that want to profit from this cruelty and try to sell it. In Liverpool, Cricket is that shop.

Every Saturday there will be protests and demonstrations outside the store to alert the public about this and if you have some time to join in they’ll be there from 12.30 onwards. (There will be a demo outside the shop every week until Cricket see sense and stop selling this stuff. )

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In February 2006, Liverpool ‘fashion store’ Cricket told the Liverpool Echo that, following protests, it would no longer include real animal fur in it’s collection. This Winter, Cricket went back on it’s word, stocking Coyote, Mink, Fox and raccoon fur.

Mink Fox and raccoon are reared on factory farms in conditions which lead them to go mad, self-mutilate and attack cage mates. Coyotes are caught in barbaric leghold traps, banned in dozens of countries worldwide.

Local campaigners have been picketing the shop since November (and receiving lots of harassment from the local police as a result) Cricket will not enter into dialogue with the protesters and insist they will continue to sell real fur.

For more info on fur go to –

You can contact the shop and let them know how you feel about this is by writing to:
Justine Mills at 10 Cavern Walks
Mathew Street
L2 6RE
0151 227 4645

or using the contact form on their website.

If you want to register your protest via the written word please be polite and point out to them that this is very bad form – and bad publicity for them.

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