Pig Racing In The Wirral

Ferrets too.

Via the Post:

Pigs race to show glory
Sep 10 2007 by Paula Owens, Liverpool Daily Post

AMUSING animal antics were the order of the weekend at the third South Wirral Town and Country Festival.

The festival, which organisers say attracted more than 14,000 visitors, took place yesterday and Saturday at Backwood Hall in Parkgate.

And besides its usual line-up of activities such as ferret racing, falconry, dog agility demonstrations and sheepdog displays, the event for the first time featured both pig and lawn mower races.

A vet was on hand at the ground to ensure the pigs were fit to fly over the racetrack hurdles, and on-course bookies were taking bets on the competitors.

On Saturday, six pigs wearing numbered bibs took part in eight races over the 52-metre track, which featured a series of low hurdles and fences.

Event organiser Kelvin Pye said the animals thoroughly enjoyed racing and that visitors were enthralled.

Mr Pye denied that pig racing was cruel, saying: “The pigs are young and very agile, the hurdles are only very small and they really enjoy it.

“Also, we had a track-side vet here, like with horse racing, in case of any problems, which fortunately there were not. All the runners were examined first.”

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