Halloween At Cricket

There will be another demo outside of the Cricket shop in Mathew Street this Saturday.
The regular weekly demonstation (which will continue until they stop selling fur) this week with be a Halloween one.

Press release from Merseyside Animal Rights »



If you go down to Matthew Street this Saturday,
You’re in for a big surprise,
Discover the bloody truth behind Cricket;
You won’t believe your eyes…

Halloween at Cricket Justine Mills tricked the city into believing her store was 100% fur free, now she’s in for a fashionable treat… pavement Halloween couture courtesy of Merseyside Animal Rights!

Winter’s here and the ‘celebrated’ city centre store Cricket has yet again stocked up on real fur and gone back on its word – as published in the Liverpool Echo – to remain fashionably fake.

What better time to urge owner Justine Mills to abandon her support for the intolerably cruel fur trade than the season for all things ghoulish and grim?

Local anti-fur campaigners will be dressing up and dishing out candy beside the Cricket store on Saturday 27th October from 1.30pm.

Fun, facts and free treats; this is a day to celebrate what’s colourful and compassionate about our great city, and hopefully to convince Cricket that cruelty never has been and never will be culture.

» Download the Halloween at Cricket press release here. [pdf file]

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