Your phone calls are no longer private

Via the Metro:

Your phone calls are no longer private
Sunday, September 30, 2007

Details of every phone call made in Britain will be available to the police and the Government from on Monday.

A law is now in force requiring telephone companies to keep information about landline and mobile communications for up to a year.

The time and length of the call and the name and address of the phone’s owner will be recorded under the legislation, brought in as part of the Government’s anti-terrorism measures.

Phone masts will be used to pinpoint the location of the mobile caller and this will also remain on record. However, content will not be recorded.

Applications to view the information are made to a senior police officer. Among the 652 bodies entitled to apply are the police, the Gaming Board and the Food Standards Agency.

Civil liberties groups such as Liberty say the law gives too many organisations access to the information.

A Liberty spokesman said: ‘A recent poll suggests 75 per cent believe we live in a surveillance society. It’s time the authorities did something to win back our trust.’

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