Wendy the Windy Cow in Liverpool

A reminder that November is Vegan month and Animal Aid will be bringing Wendy the Windy Cow to Liverpool on Sunday (November 25th).

She’ll be outside Marks & Sparks on Church Street from 11.45am.

Animal Aid launches UK’s first Vegan Month

Wendy spreads ‘I can’t believe it’s…vegan!’ around the country

Wendy the Windy Cow will fart her way around the country to highlight the effect that animal farming has on climate change.

Wendy the windy cow

While the main reason for veganism is a concern for animals, vegan lifestyles also produce less carbon as the average innocent cow belches out around 400 grams of methane a day and going vegan could reduce the carbon impact of your diet by 60 per cent.

As well as Wendy’s tour there’s various food fairs throughout November and Animal Aid has produced a free guide and recipe book ‘I can’t believe it’s…vegan!’

Animal Aid is an animal rights group, so essentially that’s where the drive to educate others comes from.

‘Veganism is the delicious, healthy and ethical diet of the future,’ explains Kelly Slade, Vegan Month’s co-ordinator: ‘Just about every food made from dairy products or eggs – including milk, ice cream, yoghurt and cakes – has a cruelty-free alternative. And those products are easily available in high street shops and supermarkets, there has never been a better time to give veganism a go.’

And it seems like more of us are, as sales of meat-free products hit £700 million for the first time, in 2007.

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