Dolphins Being Culled In Japan

It’s sad that it took an actress from the TV show Heroes to bring public attention to this. It is a pity that the media didn’t highlight the story without her, but in anyways this one has spread around the blogosphere and it is something that we all should take note of and raise our voices in protest.

In Japan they trap and then cull dolphins.

More than 22,000 dolphins are slaughtered by fishermen every year. The hunt continues despite worldwide condemnation.

In Taijie, more than 2,000 mammals are slaughtered in the season.

The Japanese have been hunting dolphins for centuries and see any criticism of this as an attack on their culture.

Hayden Panettiere from the U.S series Heroes joined some surfers in their efforts to protect the trapped dolphins, but were unsuccessful.

Below is the video report via Sky News:

*WARNING - Strong images in the clip*

Read the accompanying article:,,30200-1291049,00.html

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