Lush team up with the Dr Hadwen Trust

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LUSH cosmetics and the Dr Hadwen Trust team up for laboratory animals.

LUSH, the handmade, cruelty-free cosmetics company has joined forces with leading non-animal medical research charity the Dr Hadwen Trust to call for increased efforts to replace animal experiments in Europe.

The initiative, which involves a massive drive to collect public petition signatures in all 88 of LUSH’s stores nationwide, is timed to coincide with the imminent revision of Europe’s 20 year old law on animal experiments. The mass petition was launched by the Dr Hadwen Trust charity at the beginning of the year, with signatures being collected across Europe in 11 languages, making it one of the biggest pan-European petitions of its kind. LUSH stores in other EU member states are also expected to take part in the campaign. You can sign the petition at

Combining the lobbying and scientific expertise of the charity with the international reach and high-profile status of such a well-known high-street brand as LUSH Cosmetics, means the initiative will be better able to mobilise support from ethical consumers. It will also raise vital awareness about the ‘animal testing’ Directive and encourage citizens to get involved.
“Taking ethical campaign issues to the shop floor is something that LUSH does really well,” says the Dr Hadwen Trust’s Wendy Higgins. “It’s also a very direct way for our charity to connect with the general public. There’s a real role for people to play as the legislation is debated in Brussels, and we’re confident that LUSH customers will embrace that.”

…There are currently more than 13 million animal experiments in Europe each year with the UK the largest user of laboratory animals in Europe. A recent European Commission citizens’ survey revealed that 79% of Europeans believe there is a lack of funds for the development and validation of non-animal alternatives. The Dr Hadwen Trust’s partnership with LUSH is a vital part of the campaign to reach 100,000 petition signatures and further demonstrate clear public support for non-animal research . Signatures will be handed in to MEPs in Brussels early next year as the revised Directive starts the long process of debate between the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers.

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