Washing Their Hands of Meat

This is an article I wanted to post for World Vegan Day but didn't get the time.

Via the News & Star:

Vegan Lifestyle
Published on 31/10/2007

WORKERS at a Carlisle soap shop will completely wash their hands of meat tomorrow.

Lush cosmetics has always prided itself on being an ethical cosmetics company selling only vegetarian and vegan products.

But assistants at the city’s Scotch Street store will go the whole hog as a sign of solidarity with their strictly herbivorous customers on World Vegan Day.

Meat-eating staff will say goodbye to bacon butties for the day and some will dress up as giant vegetables and hand out vegan nibbles to customers.

Lush has always made shopping easier for the ethically-minded by creating products that are 100 per cent vegetarian – and clearly labelling the 76 per cent which are also suitable for vegans. The firm’s ethics, which include environmental responsibility and animal protection, have long attracted veggies and vegan employees.

Many staff will be trying veganism for the first time tomorrow – but a recent internal survey found over 20 per cent of Lush staff don’t eat meat and that Lush employs 10 times more vegans than found in the average national population.

Veganism is on the rise and 247,000 of the UK’s population now consider themselves vegan.

Hilary Jones, director of ethics, said: “We have always attracted people looking for a workplace that doesn’t clash with their ethical life choices, so we have a high number of vegetarians, vegans and environmentalists working here.

“We also see a huge number of ethical customers coming through our doors every day”.

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