Have A Viva! Very Veggie Christmas

Viva Veggie Christmas

“Everything you need for a compassionate, animal and earth-friendly holiday feast is right here, from traditional roast dinners to modern fusion food – with (jingle) bells on!

There are plenty of old and new favourites for you to choose from – enough to win over hearts and stomachs amongst friends and family – not only is every dish animal-free but of course, it’s delicious too!

There’s never been a more important time to go veggie. Not only is the unprecedented scale of animal suffering driving increasing numbers of people to vegetarianism and veganism but the environmental evidence against meat and dairy farming has never been stronger. Greening your diet is even more vital than greening your car – and if we’re to feed the world, it’s vital that its resources aren’t wasted on energy-guzzling animal foods. “

» www.viva.org.uk/christmas

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