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Story via the Daily Post :

Widower’s anger as Google offers ‘insenstive’ adverts next to wife’s online book
Feb 20 2008 by Ben Schofield, Liverpool Daily Post

AN ANIMAL rights campaigner last night spoke of his “disgust” after claiming his late wife’s memory had been sullied by an internet site.

Google posted adverts offering tickets to bull fights alongside a preview of a book about the late Vicki Moore, who campaigned strongly against the practice.

A print screen of the Google Book Search page with the Life On The Line book and offending advert below

Her Southport-based husband Tony Moore said the book, written by his new partner Matilda Mench, was posted on the internet giant’s books site to give it more publicity.

But Google’s advertising technology – which matches adverts to a page’s content to make them relevant to each reader – put an advert for a Spanish ticket company selling bull fight tickets on the same page.

The advert included a link to the Tenemos Tickets website and a caption which read “Buy Tickets To Bull Fights in Spain”.

Clicking on the link took surfers to a page through which they could buy tickets to see Enrique Ponce, a famous matador also known as El Cid.

Life on the Line recounts the story of Vicki Moore, who dedicated her life to battling animal cruelty.

She was brutally gored by a Spanish bull in June 1995, which left her in constant pain until her premature death in 2000.

Mr Moore, 74, told the Daily Post: “She died for the cause and to think that they can be sort of walking all over that – she would rather it’s not there at all rather than help advertise what she was against.

“I was just disgusted. I just felt they can’t do that.”

Mr Moore complained to the web company on January 7 using an online feedback form but has not received a response.

He said: “I had no reply and I’ve waited well over a month, so I thought well let’s try to do it another way.”

Google say they don’t believe they have received the complaint and would welcome Mr Moore to get back in touch. They said their complaints team are looking into the case.

Publishers have to give the company permission to show advertisements on the books pages in return for a share of the revenue.

A spokesperson for Google said: “In very rare cases, an ad which is socially or culturally inappropriate may show up, but it will be reviewed immediately as soon as it is brought to our attention.”

* At the time of going to press the advert for bull fighting tickets was still sharing a page with Life on the Line.

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* At the time of posting – Wed 20th Feb, 3.45pm it is still displaying that advert:

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