Illegal Hunting Gangs Target Merseyside

Luke Traynor from the Echo reports about some sickening and disgusting things happening in Merseyside parks.

He writes about gangs hunting down wild and domestic animals and then they torture and kill them.
Cats, other dogs, squirrels, foxes… anything is game to them.

It is an article which you have to read. The beginning of it here:

Illegal hunting gangs target Merseyside

Feb 25 2008 by Luke Traynor, Liverpool Echo

THE ECHO can today reveal the shocking extent of illegal hunting in Merseyside’s parks.

Gun-toting gangs are setting their dogs on defenceless wild animals and watching as they are ripped to shreds.

And anyone who challenges their sickening hobby is threatened with violence.

One Merseyside councillor was knocked unconscious in front of his terrified 11-year-old son after confronting a gang.

A laughing mob pointed a rifle at a 48-year-old mother before threatening to kill her pet cats.

And another woman watched in horror as two hunting dogs ripped off part of her mongrel’s ear as they walked in the park.

Foxes and other wild animals used to be a common sight in Huyton’s 220-acre Stadt Moers Park. But their numbers have dropped significantly over the past 12 months.

Last week police swooped on the Knowsley common as part of a two-night crackdown on illegal hunters.

Undercover officers hid in the undergrowth to catch those involved.

It follows growing concerns in the community about the wanton killing sprees taking place in the park.

Shocked locals in the Huyton area have reported seeing:

The bodies of mutilated cats in the park.

Youths shaking tree branches to hunt down squirrels as a pack of dogs bayed on the ground.

Camouflaged gangs getting out of vans daubed with the words No Hunting Ban.

Late night bloodcurdling screams echoing throughout the neighbourhood as wild animals meet their death.

The sinister sight of lights carried by hunting gangs moving furtively around the park after dark, clearly visible from upstairs windows.

Wildlife police said the pastime appeals to all age groups with men taking their teenage sons along on hunts to “blood’” them.

Some take away their dead prey as trophies of their night’s work.

Merseyside police’s wildlife crime officer Steve Harris said Bold, in St Helens, Crosby, Altcar and the Wirral were also hunting hotspots.

A police crackdown seems to have driven illegal hunters out of Croxteth Park

Mr Harris said: “We hear of a lot of incidents involving men hunting animals with dogs. It’s a gruesome business.

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The police are taking some action to stop them, but all they’ve done is push these gangs to other parks. More action should be taken. What are the councils doing ? Where are they and what plans do they have ? At the moment, not enough.

One thought on “Illegal Hunting Gangs Target Merseyside

  • 28th February 2008 at 11:21 pm

    such a vile way to treat any animal wild or somebodys much loved pet, I would urge anyone that knows of people who carry out these vile acts to report them to the police and if you witness any such acts also. Time to stand up to these cowardly yobs!!!!!


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