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Theme: Recycling on Merseyside and the Wirral.

Via the Daily Post »

60,000 recycling bins to be wheeled out across Liverpool
Feb 13 2008 by Alan Weston, Liverpool Daily Post

THE final phase of Liverpool’s doorstep recycling service is due to be completed by the end of this month as the city tries to improve its waste disposal record.

Over the next fortnight, 30,000 terraced properties will receive a customised version of the wheelie bin – a 55 litre light blue recycling box made specifically for smaller properties.

At the same time, 30,000 wheeled bins are being rolled out to households and some flats across the city which were not included in the first phase.

It means all 195,000 houses in Liverpool will have access to the city council’s kerbside recycling service by the end of February.

Last year, Liverpool recorded one of the lowest recycling rates in the country at 7.6%, while some councils in the country had recycling rates as high as 50.4%.

Government targets for 2008 state Liverpool should recycle 20% of all waste collected, which is closer to the national average.

However, with the completion of the scheme, it is predicted the city will be recycling around 22% of its waste by the end of the financial year.

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Via the Echo:

Recycling team is the tops

Jan 29 2008
by Kevin Core, Liverpool Echo

A NEW recycling scheme has been given the thumbs up by the government.

Wirral council’s new Biffa waste contract and the implementation of grey and green wheelie bins have seen it go to the top of the Merseyside recycling league.

Moves to fortnightly collections proved controversial and were originally greeted with scorn by many residents, who said festering rubbish was clogging up their pathways.

But after that shaky start Wirral has leapt up the recycling table, with 34% of waste now being processed.

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Via the Beeb:

Fine plan for ‘rubbish’ recycling

Residents in Wirral could soon face a fine of up to a £100 if they fail to recycle their rubbish.

The idea is being put forward by the council’s environment committee at a meeting later. Fines would be cut to £60 for those who pay promptly.

The authority claims that 95% of households in Wirral are able to recycle waste on their doorstep.

All recyclable refuse should be put into the grey wheelie bins but the council says this is not happening.

Wirral is now recycling a huge 220% more of its household waste than in 2006-7, reports say.

But councillors say there is still room for improvement.

‘Costs down’

They all also considering fines for people who continually leave their bins out on the pavement or deliberately contaminate them with non-recyclable material.

The local authority maintains that grey bins that have the wrong type of rubbish will not be emptied.

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